Correct, complete and validate any address wordwide.

Accurately report on the quality of your address data.


Worldwide address geocoding, including delivery point geocodes for over 60 countries.


Fast, accurate address search and look-up.

Flexible integration to your existing CRM or eCommerce system.

How to use our cloud...

Batch process online

No application integration needed. Upload a file of addresses for immediate cleansing, verification, and geocoding. Pay-as-you go pricing makes this affordable.

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Develop & integrate

Are you creating an app where you need to have addresses correct? This will tell you how to easily and quickly use Loqate Web Services in your app – even for real-time verification.

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Address Verification

Verify, Standardize, & Format any Address Worldwide

  • Obtaining a correct address in your home country can be hard. Doing that for any address anywhere in the world can be mind-boggling. Why deal with over 130 formats, many different languages, and countless rules?
  • Upload a file of addresses from anywhere on the globe and have the addresses returned to you corrected, verified, and formatted – quickly and economically.
  • With our new Batch Cloud Utility, you can cleanse and enhance all of your address data in one simple upload. It's pay-as-you-go, so all you need to do is buy some credit and submit your file for processing!
  • Want to see address verification in action? Try out individual addresses on our Verify demo.

Address Geocoding

Enhancing your address data

  • Need to know exactly where someone or something is located? Even today, having accurate physical locations is important to so many applications.
  • After cleaning and verifying your addresses, add the geocode – latitude and longitude.
    The combination can mean better results for the applications and ultimately your business. The new geo-distance and geo-accuracy codes even tell you how close you are.
  • Geocoding goes hand-in-hand with Verify on our Batch Cloud Utility.
    You simply select is as an option when submitting a file for processing.
  • For a demonstration of geocoding, please visit our new address bookmarking tool
    lqt.me to see address validation, search and geocoding - all in one place!

Real-time address capture

Interactive Address Search & Keystroke saving

  • What wait to get your addresses clean in batch mode? Get the addresses correct right from the time they are entered into your application.
  • Reduce the number of keystrokes necessary at the same time you increase address quality.
  • Real-time address capture is a perfect complement to batch address verification and geocoding.
  • We have a number of examples and scenarios of address look-up in practice. Visit our demo menu and see how we can plug into any address-entry system.
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